Envirofit Rocket Stove G3300


A fabulous, efficient, lightweight, fuel-saving rocket stove. Controlled and safe outdoor cooking using sticks and small pieces of dead wood. Envirofit cookstoves are based on ‘rocket stove’ principles. They are designed so that they reach high temperatures within one minute. Used correctly, they are smokeless rocket stoves that minimise harmful emissions. They are also economical, as they use very little fuel. You can cook a one-pot meal with a small bundle of sticks. The stove is lightweight and robust and make cooking anywhere outdoors a joy.

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Weight: 5.2 kg
Colour: Orange
Heat output: 3.5 KW
Price includes: Cookstove, base heat stone, internal rack and external wood rack*.

The Envirofit stove is perfect for cooking outdoors and reduces fuel use and greenhouse gases by up to 60%, compared with an open fire. Switching to an Envirofit stove from an open fire is the equivalent of moving from a people carrier to a Prius.

Founded in 2007, Envirofit was set up to design cookstoves for use by people living in extreme energy poverty and now serves over 5 million customers in India, East Africa, West Africa and Latin America. Manufacturing has also been set up in these areas to produce an industry-leading line of low cost, high performing clean-energy solutions.

*Parts are very simple and last a long time. Base heat stones and external wood racks can be purchased separately if required.

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Weight 5.2 kg


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