Growing Gourmet Mushrooms (Wild and Tame) 27/28 July 2019


Two day intensive course in all aspects of high-value gourmet mushroom cultivation and growing with Matthew Rooney, a biodynamic mushroom farmer, ecologist and one of the UK’s most experienced fungi cultivation experts. Matthew will be up from his mushroom farm in Colchester just for this event. Full list of topics covered is posted below. Limited to 15 places only. Venue: West Lothian. Price includes lunch, refreshments, instruction handouts and your own inoculated log/kit with spawn to take away. Workshop is 10:00 – 16:00 both days.

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Matthew and William Rooney of The Mushroom Table are pioneers of the biodynamic cultivation of gourmet edible and medicinal mushroom species. They collected wild mushrooms from local woods and fields on the Essex – Suffolk borders and from these they chose the best varieties for cultivation, taking cuttings to produce mushroom spawn. Matthew has cultivated mushrooms with the same characteristics as the original wild mushroom in the same way that plant growers propagate plants. Selecting local mushrooms has ensured that the mushrooms grown are suited to the local climate and conditions. Species Matthew grows includes shitake, oyster mushrooms, reishi, lions mane, snow cloud, hen of the woods (maitake), as well as many other indigenous and native species.

This course covers growing common edible mushrooms as well as the cultivation of wild species. Topics include:

Preparation: The mini clean room, sterilisation, pasteurisation, equipment, materials and substrates (beds, logs, kits, cardboard and other medium).

Propagation: Aseptic cuttings, spawn, inoculation, mycelium, slurries, manuring, watering, other techniques and practices.

Harvesting and uses: Culinary and medicinal. Selling in farmer’s markets.

Goody bag and literature to take home.

Day 1
Introduction to growing
Mushroom log inoculation
Pasteurising substrate
Sterilising substrate
Spore slurry
Making spawn

Day 2
Spawning substrate
Making growing blocks
Outdoor growing beds
Growing conditions
Harvesting methods
Mushroom cloning
Clean rooms


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