Island Retreat Friday 5 to Monday 8 October 2018


Welcome to Lambay!

I am excited and delighted to be able to host this intimate residential weekend in May on the small private island of Lambay. For just 10 people, this is a full immersion in nature to restore the soul, while staying in the exquisite Lutyens-designed White House. Lambay is just a 20 minute boat ride from Malahide Marina, Dublin, Ireland, and yet it feels like a lifetime away. You’re collected from the marina at lunchtime on Friday, by the time you return on Monday morning it feels as if you’ve been there forever. Time passes so slowly on Lambay. You can breathe again!

I want to give people the chance to completely switch off from the modern world but also to return to it with new insights into nature and health. Through walking, foraging and just being in nature, our happiness increases and our diet improves. This has a massive impact on our health and happiness.

Lambay menus focus on using the plants that we forage. As well as your foraging guide, I’m also your ‘head chef’ and will cook you absolutely fabulous food that couldn’t be fresher or more nutritious. And if you’re interested, I’ll also teach you how with wild food cooking classes as I prepare a three course dinner.

Each group is just 10 people so do book early. You can book here.

Read more about the history of Lambay here, the food you’ll be collecting, cooking and eating here and the activities you’ll be enjoying during your three days on the island.


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