Monica has a Masters degree in herbal medicine (UCLAN) and works as a Research Herbalist. She is particularly interested in infectious diseases and specialises in the herbal treatment of Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) and other tick-borne co-infections such as Bartonella and Babesia. Viruses are also implicated in long-term chronic fatigue conditions and coronavirus COVID-19 post-viral syndrome is no exception, but also responds to herbal treatment.

Monica works in association with the Napiers the Herbalists Lyme Clinic based at the Napiers Bathgate CIC clinic. She is available for some online consultations and supports a group of medical herbalists working towards the same deeper understanding of these conditions. Monica also collaborates with doctors to ensure that patients seeking an integrative approach, not only avoid any negative drug-herb interactions, but have a holistic plan for long-term healing that combines the best of both types of medicine.

Through the clinic we can also arrange testing for a wide variety of bacteria and viruses.

To contact Monica at the clinic to see how our herbalists can help you, please email