Growing Mushrooms Workshop (Wild and Tame) 12-13 August 2023


Two day intensive course in all aspects of high-value gourmet mushroom cultivation and growing. Full list of topics covered is posted below. Limited to 18 places only. Venue: West Lothian. Price includes lunch, refreshments, instruction handouts and your own inoculated log/kit with spawn to take away. Workshop is 10:00 – 16:00 both days.

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This course covers growing common edible mushrooms as well as the cultivation of wild species. Topics include:

Preparation: The mini clean room, sterilisation, pasteurisation, equipment, materials and substrates (beds, logs, kits, cardboard and other medium).

Propagation: Aseptic cuttings, spawn, inoculation, mycelium, slurries, manuring, watering, other techniques and practices.

Harvesting and uses: Culinary and medicinal. Selling in farmer’s markets.

Goody bag and literature to take home.

Day 1
Introduction to growing
Mushroom log inoculation
Pasteurising substrate
Sterilising substrate
Spore slurry
Making spawn

Day 2
Spawning substrate
Making growing blocks
Outdoor growing beds
Growing conditions
Harvesting methods
Mushroom cloning
Clean rooms