Ostrich Shell Necklace by Seg||ae Kxunta


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This traditional Ju/’hoansi ostrich shell necklace is 47 cm of beads, plus the ties. All the beads are handmade by Seg||ae who chipped small pieces of shell into circles, then created the central hole with a drill-stick, before rubbing lengths of beads on a flat stone to grind them smooth and similar in size. The brown and black beads are coloured by roasting white ostrich shell beads in the fire. 

The traditional fastening is strips of kudu suede. If you want to add a modern fastening to make it easier to put on and off, I can supply you a length of elastic thread to restring the beads to make an elastic loop, or a length of nylon thread to add a hook and loop. Just let me know when you place the order.

This necklace was made by Seg||ae Kxunta from the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. She is a married to conservancy ranger Bo Daqm, who is also an excellent musician. They have seven children. All the money from this sale goes directly to her, less postage costs, currency exchange and PayPal fees. Price includes shipping by Royal Mail Tracked 48 service in an environmentally friendly padded-paper bag.

The broken shells are collected after the ostrich chicks have hatched, so utilise a resource that the ostrich no longer needs. Strong nylon thread is now used instead of animal sinew. I can supply you a length of elastic thread or nylon thread if you want to restring the beads. Just let me know when you place the order.