Solstice Wilderness Crossing

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your life? Do you feel called to make a change, but don’t quite know what to do? Join us for a solo wilderness threshold crossing and guided rite of passage in the beautiful fells of the Lake District

Panorama from Lord's Seat, the summit of Whitbarrow Scar by Stephen Dawson.

For thousands of years people have engaged with the wilderness and the ‘mirror of nature’ to find clarity in life. To answer the questions life throws up or to mark significant life transitions. Individuals cross the threshold into wild places to attend more closely to the movement of soul, to remember what is at one’s core, what is most important. Nature is healing. She brings to our attention the paths to change and enrich our lives.

On the 3rd day of this 5 day program, we will embark on a wilderness threshold crossing from dawn to dusk, going without company, food or shelter for this duration. Even though we walk out alone, we are supported by the community in this crossing, with whom we have prepared and to whom we return.

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The Bones

This guided 5-day course, limited to 12 people, prepares you for your threshold crossing with the support of your guides Rupert, Mo and Mungo, using the four directions teachings of Bill Plotkin.

Day 1: On the first day we examine the framework for the course and get to know each other. As participants we come together as a supportive community. We explore the beautiful camp and get to know the plants, trees, rocks and waters of this location. We have dinner around the campfire, perhaps sharing songs and poems.

Day 2: The day before the threshold crossing, we work with each individual’s ‘intent’. We explore where we find ourselves in life and what draws us to a threshold crossing at this time. We work in council circle to prepare for the threshold.

Day 3: The third day is the solo threshold crossing – a fasting day spent alone with the wild spirit of nature on the fells. From dawn to dusk you journey alone across the beautiful fells of the Lake District before returning to the community circle and a celebratory supper.

Day 4: The day after the threshold we sit in story council to hear what has come back from the land, sharing our stories and having them mirrored back to us, offering the opportunity to see our individual narrative in a wider context, together with the gifts and implications for the life we return to. We witness each other in council circle, reflecting on the messages and symbolism of each person’s experience.

Day 5: On the fifth day we close our ceremony preparing to incorporate our discoveries and return to the world. The guides are here to support you throughout your journey.

Your Guides

Rupert Marques

Rupert Marques has worked within the field of experiential environmental education for the past fifteen years with an emphasis in outdoor education. He trained extensively and subsequently worked as a guide with the School of Lost Borders in the U.S. offering contemporary wilderness rites of passage. From 2016-2019 Rupert lived and worked at Ecodharma, a contemplative retreat community in the Spanish Pyrenees dedicated to supporting social justice and ecological sustainability. At Ecodharma Rupert directed the Nature based Practice strand of work, marrying contemplative practice with a range of approaches within the field of experiential ecopsychology.

Mo Wilde

Monica ‘Mo’ Wilde has introduced people to plants, fungi and the natural world for two decades, as a forager, teacher and herbalist. In sharing her own deep connection to nature and our planet’s other-than-human inhabitants, she inspires a significant personal relationship with Gaia. Mo ran rewilding retreats for eight years before training with Rupert Marques. She loves the transformative wilderness rites of passage through which nature acts to guide us. Through soul work and psycho-spiritual healing, we bless our lives with meaning and significance – even when we have travelled through the dark lands of trauma and loss. Mo Wilde is also the author of ‘The Wilderness Cure’.

Mungo Dalglish

Mungo Dalgleish is a NO HANDS® Massage therapist & apprentice Wilderness Rites of Passage guide, with greening fingers and a yen for wildness. He co-founded a 27-acre Natural Farming & Permaculture project in Cheshire where he tries to live in attentive, harmonious, and ceremonial relationship with self, other, land, and Mystery, and runs mythopoetic & spiritual ecology workshops and retreats. His training and interests include the Way of Council, Ignatian Spirituality, and Vipassana meditation, alongside touch & song & story & poetry.

The Location: Cumbria

The beautiful carbon-neutral Oak Howe site run by Ben and Debs of Wild Human is on 13 acres of young woodland and ancient oaks, within easy walking distance of Whitbarrrow Fell for your solo wilderness crossing day. Here, by the river, we will gather and grow in friendship and community.

You can learn more about the location here.

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 It might just
 that there is no soul
 to move
 that there is no richer self-indulgence
 than to look up and
 for some tremble, a sigh
 some breath of wings
 beyond the school run
 and the washing-up.

 maybe bliss is mere acceptance
 of life’s steady stream
 of disappointments
 and off-white pallor.
 the mystics were drunk
 the Arts merely edifying

 and no-one gets to live
 their love
 for long.
 so why bother.

 but then
     of course
 what if I’m wrong?

Mungo Dalglish

Oak Howe is a 15 minute drive from Junction 36 of the M6 or 20 minute drive from Kendal Rail Station near Crossthwaite. Parking is available just a 3 minute walk from the campsite. 

The course takes place over 5 days in the summer from midday Thursday 22nd June to midday Monday 26 June 2023. The price includes all meals, tuition, course materials and site fees. You will need to bring a tent and bedding. A suggested kit list will be sent out after booking. Transport to and from the site is not included. Please let us know if you would like more information.

The panorama photo is by Stephen Dawson / Lord’s Seat, the summit of Whitbarrow Scar / CC BY-SA 2.0

The second photo is by Tom Richardson / The path along Whitbarrow Scar / CC BY-SA 2.0