The Mushroom Hour Podcast

I was in a podcast with the lovely Darren from Welcome to Mushroom Hour. Bless him for listening to my ramblings half way through my wild food year, eating nothing but feral foods and shunning supermarkets. We had a great chat and I hope you enjoy listening in!


Ep. 104: Wild Food Year – Mushrooms, Herbalism, Plant Wisdom & the Inner Universe (featuring Monica Wilde) by Mushroom Hour December 4, 2021




Childhood in Kenya & Connection to the Wild

Disconnection in Post-WWII Western Society

The Wisdom of Plants

The Language & Biosemiotics of Plants

Tenets of Herbalism

Ancient Roots of Herbalism

Herbalism and Pharmaceuticals

Money as a Religion

The Body as a Collection of Microbiomes

Understanding Lyme Disease

Shepherding Wid Plants & Mushrooms

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Reciprocity with the Natural World

Lessons Learned from a Wild Food Diet


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