Seaweed Lasagne Recipe

Whether you want to go gluten-free or just to add a fantastic source of iodine, vitamins and minerals to your diet, seaweed pasta is a great alternative to durum wheat… Read More

Is Common Hogweed Poisonous?

2020 update: the following is a quote of mine that I use when teaching people who come on my foraging courses. It brings a smile and helps people to understand… Read More

Books about Foraging

When starting your foraging journey it helps to go out with people who can teach you in person and there are lots of great courses around the country (and the… Read More

New Year Resolutions for a Green Planet

Out with the old. In with the new. Here are ten little everyday resolutions to save the planet. Just imagine the effect if we ALL did them!!! If every single… Read More

Nature’s Red Card


I recently received the following letter from Paul Lister, contemplating the lessons that we need to learn from the coronavirus outbreak and our relationship with nature. Paul runs the Alladale… Read More

How to make Nettle Cheese

Make nettle cheese with vegetable rennet

This is a light cheese made with a nettle rennet and cow’s milk. Using a vegetable rennet rather than calf rennet allows you to make a vegetarian cheese. There are… Read More

Spring Wildflowers


Tis pleasant ‘mid the never-ending strife Of this too busy, mammon-loving age, When Nature’s gentler charms so few engage, To muse at leisure on the quiet life Of earlier days,… Read More

Gratitude for the Plants

The more I work with the plants, the more I become eternally grateful for what they give to us. They have an uncanny knack of being in exactly the right… Read More

Now is the Time for Action

Now is the Time for Action. You. yes, you! What you do to the Earth, you do to yourself. Our only chance of survival is through restoring vital connection between people and planet. This starts with you.

Restoring Wild Connection podcast

Enjoy a podcast? Miles Irving of Forager Ltd chats with me on restoring vital connection, rewilding, wild philosophy, gut flora, health and a love of plants. Click here to listen… Read More

Angel wings fungus. Angel of death?

Here in Scotland the beautiful, fragile, delicate angel wings mushrooms are forming on the rotting stumps of old pine. They’re exquisite to look at especially around sunset when catching the… Read More

Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus) within reach! This particular one was a tad too dry to eat sadly, however it can still be powdered and added to a campfire… Read More

Thoughts on the Winter Solstice


On Thursday 21 December at 16:28 GMT the sun reaches the position of the Winter Solstice. The word ‘solstice’ comes from the Latin solstitium meaning ‘sun standing still’. It is the… Read More

Cooking with seaweed not tin foil

I’m on a mission to manage without tin foil when cooking, roasting and baking. Have you every thought about what goes into that shiny roll of foil paper? Firstly, you… Read More

Cooking with seaweed instead of tin foil 

I’m on a mission to manage without tin foil when cooking, roasting and baking. Have you every thought about what goes into that shiny roll of foil paper?  Firstly, you… Read More

Foragers: Friend or Foe?

This article appeared in the first edition of LOCAVORE MAGAZINE. A wonderful journal packed full of interesting and insightful articles about slow, seasonal and sustainable food. If you hadn’t noticed… Read More

Chilli Haw Ketchup

Hawthorn berries

This is one helluva ketchup meets brown sauce baby. There is nothing like Chilli Haw Ketchup to put some fire in the belly this winter. It’s got an amazing taste,… Read More

Yellow earth tongue

Spathularia flavida Also known as the yellow fan, this fungus is a member of the club fungi and found in mixed conifer forests in mosses and decaying leaf or needle… Read More

Clover crispbreads recipe

Clover crispbreads – from ideally red but also white clover – are a delicious and surprisingly easy way to eat your lawn. I was introduced to these by my very… Read More

Vegetarian artichoke rennet

Here is a lovely cheese developing from goats milk curdled with immature artichoke seed. For more about wild and vegetarian rennets see my long blog post here.  Curds after cutting. … Read More

Chemicals in plants – cyanide

Phytosemiosis. Talking to the trees.

Hydrogen cyanide (aka hydrocyanic acid) has a faint bitter-almond scent – although not everyone can smell it, due to a recessive gene. It is released in plants by compounds called… Read More

Variety, the superspice of life

Variety, we are told in the popular expression, is the spice of life. However, we are missing something today and I’d like to rewrite that old saying. I would argue… Read More

Cooking with Comfrey

Today I’ve been eating a comfrey ratatouille. This was partly inspired by Ivan Van Rooyen’s comment on my post ‘Is comfrey edible?” He said “My family and I have been… Read More

How to cook Sea Spaghetti

Thongweed (Himanthalia elongata) is called sea spaghetti because it really does turn out like pasta! It can be eaten on its own or mixed with spaghetti, cooked and added to… Read More

Forest trips help asthma and allergies

Asthma and atopic dermatitis are common allergic diseases, and their prevalence has increased in urban children. Recently, it is becoming understood that forest environment has favourable health effects in patients… Read More

Escape from the City to the Sea

              To discover the peace and tranquility of Lambay and let the wildness of nature restore your body and mind, get away from the… Read More

Sweet, Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely and Rhubarb

In April and May the ditches, damp hedgerows and water meadows are full of sweet cicely. Myrrhis odorata is a gorgeous member of the Apiaceae family – definitely one of my… Read More

How do dock leaves work?

By Sten Porse - Own photo, taken in Jutland., CC BY-SA 3.0,

I’ve already written extensively about the right way to use dock and how powerfully it works. The trick being to use the gel found inside the young, furled leaf sheath… Read More