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January: Fasting on wild calories

Dandelion Roots

“New Year, New You” the advertisers tell us. It’s time to do a detox. The magazines are full of it from both those who believe we should do it and… Read More

Salad Dressing – The Secret to a High Veg Diet

To be healthy, slim and feel full of energy and vitality you need to really review¬†the type of fuel (food) that you’re running on. It’s common sense. Garbage in, garbage… Read More

Eat your greens. They really are good for you!

There’s a lot more to eating greens than making sure you have enough dietary fibre and vitamin A. I think the majority of people think of their daily vegetables as… Read More

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

Elder flowers make a delicate pleasant tasting infusion, whether drunk as a tea, used to flavour sorbets, or boiled lightly with caster sugar to make a diluting cordial. Diluted with… Read More