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Is Comfrey Edible?

Is Comfrey Safe to Eat? Common comfrey is a wild-growing herb that has a long tradition as both an edible and a medicinal species. It is a nutritious plant, being very… Read More

Field mushrooms by the pailful

When our local farmer told me there were field mushrooms “by the pail’fer in the files next to the sheep” he wasn’t joking! This was a lucky meeting a the… Read More

Porcelain Fungus

Porcelain Fungus (Oudemansiella mucida) Edible. Wash off mucus & remove stems. Nice taste although not as tasty as oyster mushrooms. Eat them fresh as they deteriorate quite quickly.


We found Sanicle (Sanicula europea) in the woods of Colinton Dell this evening. A member of the carrot family, the leaves are edible. In the Middle Ages it was a… Read More