Podcasts and Media

April 2024. Article: Could you Survive on Weeds? Permaculture Magazine, PM120 Summer 2024.
14 April 2024. Podcast: E6: Mo Wilde – Wild Food Forager The Meaning of Trees Podcast.
23 July 2023. TV, ITV: Katie Piper’s Breakfast Show. Katie Piper with guests Shaparak ‘Shappi’ Khorsandi, Jorgie Porter and Monica ‘Mo’ Wilde. On ITVX only if you put an English postcode in your account settings. 
15 May 2023. Radio, BBC: The Food Programme: Eating Wild
19 March 2023. TV, GB News: Sunday with Michael Portillo. Foraging with Henry Eliot. Time 12:42. Set the slider to 1:42:45 – 1:50:43. Mo talks to Henry about sustainable foraging, her book and The Wildbiome Project in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. 
5 March, 2023. Television: In conversation with Trisha Goddard – Talk TV.
Start time of day was 15:43. Set the slider to 2:43:43 to catch Trisha talking to Mo.
15 July 2022. Article: The day restaurant snob William Sitwell went foraging for his dinner – The Telegraph Magazine.
9 July 2022. Radio: BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends. Clive Anderson and Emma Freud are joined by Bill Pullman, Jenny Agutter, Simon Callow and Mo Wilde for an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. With music from Rae Morris and Katy J Pearson. Available to download.
26 June 2022. Radio: Sunday Morning with Connie McLaughlin. Interview with Mo Wilde by the lovely Carol Purcell. Listen from around 33’30” minutes in. Available for 14 days.
8 May 2022. Podcast: The Plant Based Podcast Series 7 Episode 2. Living off foraged food for a year with Monica Wilde by Michael Perry ‘Mr. Plant Geek’ and Ellen Mary. Listen on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, or other platforms.
15 December 2021. Podcast: A Year of Wild Food with Monica Wilde. Mark Stephen hears about Monica’s year of buying nothing and foraging for food. Scotland Outdoors, BBC Radio Scotland.  
4 December 2021. Podcast: Ep. 104: Wild Food Year – Mushrooms, Herbalism, Plant Wisdom & the Inner Universe (featuring Monica Wilde) by Darren from The Mushroom Hour. Bless him for listening to my ramblings half way through my wild food year, eating nothing but feral foods and shunning supermarkets. We had a great chat and I hope you enjoy listening in!
23 November 2021. TV, Channel 4: Miriam and Alan – Lost in Scotland. Ullapool and Glencoe. Series 2, episode 2. Start at 07:09 to watch me making natural midge repellents with Miriam Margolyes for Alan Cumming.
15 November 2021. Article, The Scotsman: Scotland’s Larder: Monica Wilde, Forager and research herbalist. A profile by Catriona Thomson.
01 November 2020. Article: Herbology News. Our Man in the Field. David Hughes talks to Monica Wilde
7 February 2020. TV, Channel 5: Secret Scotland with Susan Calman. Ayrshire and Arran. Start at 13:40 to watch Monica talking to Susan Calman about the uses of seaweed. (Available until 23 Feb 2023)
17 September 2019. Podcast: Why eat seaweed Organic Life podcast with Monica Wilde
10 September 2019. Podcast: How to reduce your food bills and eat healthier Organic Life podcast with Monica Wilde
20 August 2019. Podcast: Foraging and growing mushrooms Organic Life podcast with Monica Wilde
29 March 2019. Podcast: Restoring Wild Connection. Monica talks to Miles Irving of Forager Ltd on restoring vital connection, rewilding, wild philosophy, gut flora, health and a love of plants.
9 January 2016. Radio: Monica talks to Shereen Nanjiani on BBC Radio Scotland.
4 January 2016. Article: Russell Leadbetter from The Herald talks to Monica about her passion for all things wild. For more about my early inspirations read this article.
4 January 2016. Article: Evening Times I’d happily never visit a supermarket again!
June 2014. Article: Campfire Magazine, a ‘First Foraging Guide’.
Sept 2013. Video: Monica speaking about the Seaweed for Health event at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.