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My book The Wilderness Cure

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‘Foraging is one of the last wild acts of defiance against the concrete world. Humans versus humanoids. It’s a crack in the dam, a chink of light, wild food nourishes your very soul.’

A captivating and lyrical journey into our ancestral past, through what and how we eat.

Mo Wilde made a quiet but radical pledge: to live only off free, foraged food for an entire year. In a world disconnected from its roots, eating wild food is both culinary and healing, social and political. Ultimately, it is an act of love and community. Using her expert knowledge of botany and mycology, Mo follows the seasons to find nutritious food from hundreds of species of plants, fungi and seaweeds, and in the process learns not just how to survive, but how to thrive. Nourishing her body and mind deepens her connection with the earth – a connection that we have become estranged from but which we all, deep down, hunger for.

This hunger is about much more than food. It is about accepting and understanding our place in a natural network that is both staggeringly complex and beautifully simple. THE WILDERNESS CURE is a diary of a wild experiment; a timely and inspiring memoir which explores a deeper relationship between humans and nature, and reminds us of the important lost lessons from our past.


The Wilderness Cure, her diary of the year, is many things: an unpreachy manifesto, a recipe book, a celebration of friendship, a passionate love song to the wild, a textbook of empathy, a cabinet of ecological curiosities, a masterclass in how to tread softly, a survival guide, a journal of quiet epiphanies, a primer on the art of relationship, a meditation on the significance of mycelial networks, a map of the collective unconscious, an impeccably researched account of many of the medical perils of modernity, an inquiry into the healing power of the natural world and an evolving reflection on what it means to be a human…
The Wilderness Cure is a triumph: brave, candid, kind, heartbroken by our stupidity and rapacity, suffused with the pain of bereavement at our loss of relationship with the non-human world, but suffused too with hope. For there is a way back. We’d better find it soon.”

Charles Laker, The Times Literary Supplement.

”This special and magical book has changed the way I see the world’
– Dan Saladino, Author of Eating to Extinction

‘Mo Wilde’s story of foraging for food and medicine is an inspiration to us all. She brings home the need so many of us have for the wild redeemer as a part of our diet and our lives.’
– Stephen Harrod Buhner, author of Earth Grief: The Journey Into and Through Ecological Loss

‘Fascinating, inspiring, brave and beautifully written – all is not lost.’
– Gill Meller, author of Outside: Recipes for a Wilder Way of Eating

‘Mo Wilde has retraced [our ancestors] steps. … A delightfully humble, funny and wise guide, [Mo] leaves tentative footprints for us to follow. Perhaps if we do that, we can all make it home in time.’
– Miles Irving, author of the Forager Handbook, Ebury press, and host of the World Wild podcast

‘Mo Wilde’s year is an inspiration. What an incredible woman and an even more impressive book.’
– Cat Thomson, The Scotsman food and drink writer

‘This book is utterly fascinating, and written in a wildly refreshing manner. Though embarking on such a wholesome journey, Mo doesn’t sugar-coat the difficulties however, she also celebrates the many positive sides, [offering] advice on how we could better live, without ever preaching.’
– Michael Perry, ‘The Plant Geek’, author of Hortus Curious

Literary agent: Janklow and Nesbitt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK

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