Terms and Conditions

Please read this carefully as it explains what the Participant (You) can expect from the Operator – Monica Wilde Forager (We) and what we expect of you in return. 

Event start time
The events will start promptly at the time advertised. We ask everyone to assemble at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance of the start time. So please allow enough travel time and read any directions before starting out. Where meeting points are hard to find we will give a What3Words address. You can download What3Words here.

Event end time
We may run over the advertised event ending time, depending on what we find during the walk and how far we walk. If you absolutely need to leave on time please let us know at the start of the walk.

Group size
As standard, the maximum amount of participants on each event is 12 to 15 people per event depending on the location, unless there is more than 1 instructor.

The instructor for each walk will be clearly shown on the booking page. We reserve the right to change the instructor if required. Each instructor will be properly trained and insured with a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.

Collection of plants, fungi and seaweeds
The purpose of Monica Wilde Forager’s walks is to learn to identify species and learn about their uses and histories. These walks are not about picking large amounts of species for consumption. If edible species are in abundance on the day and there are not restrictions due to its sustainability or land use, we may allow some picking for the pot but this will be at our discretion. During the walk we will pick one sample specimen (unless the species is rare or protected) for an identification table at the end of the walk. Samples will be laid out on paper and their names recorded underneath them for participants to photograph.

Food, water and tasting samples
Depending on the circumstances of the time, tasting samples may or may not be available. Participants are asked to bring a packed lunch or snack and drinking water. Please also read the sheet emailed to you about the specific course you are attending for any other requirements, for example, special footwear or clothing.

Children and pets
Children of all ages are welcome to attend the courses. We have had 2 year olds amongst our fastest learners and 12 year olds who know hundreds of species already. However, some children may find the slow pace of the walks and level of detail is too much to keep them engaged whist others are enthralled. You know your own child and we are sure that you will chose appropriate events for them to participate in. Please enquire about suitability and child rates before you book.

These walks are not suitable for pets and you are asked not to bring a dog – no matter how small or well-behaved – out of respect and consideration for the instructor and your fellow participants. Please never shut your dog in a car. We have witnessed very serious medical harm due to this practice.


Cancellation by you, the client.
To cancel your place and receive a refund, we require 2 full weeks notice prior to the event date. If you cancel any time later than this, we cannot give you a refund nor transfer you to another walk. This is due to the fact that, once a walk is fully booked, no more places are for sale on our website, therefore we don’t have the opportunity to resell your tickets, and if we just move you to another walk we will still be out of pocket. You may send someone else to fill your place and where possible we will obviously do our best to fill the place to provide you with a refund, but make no guarantees when given less than two full weeks notice. We do try to be as helpful as possible but we are a small business – if you bought a concert ticket and couldn’t go on the day you wouldn’t get a refund despite the much larger size of the event organiser.

Course cancellations or alterations to events by Monica Wilde Forager.
Whilst every attempt will be made to run all courses and events when scheduled, some may be cancelled by the operator due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions. Should an event be cancelled in this way an alternative location or date will be offered to all people booked onto the cancelled event. If a mutually suitable date or location cannot be found then a full refund will be offered.

Although we will endeavour to provide our participants as much notice as possible, if cancellation is required, sometimes this is not possible and may happen at the last minute, e.g. due to unexpected adverse weather conditions. Under these circumstances Monica Wilde Forager will not be liable for any ancillary costs, travel or accommodation expenses but only event fees and costs relating to the hosting of the courses.

Locations may also change if absolutely necessary, very occasionally and always to somewhere nearby, in order to make the most of what is in season.

If you are booking accommodation in conjunction with any of our events and we have to cancel at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, i.e. extreme weather, illness etc, we cannot cover the cost of any prepaid travel or accommodation. Please bear this in mind. Obviously, this is not a common occurrence and extremely rare.

Gift vouchers.
If you are booking a place on one of our walks for someone else, please buy a gift voucher or vouchers, which can be used towards the cost of any of our events. These vouchers can be used instead of a credit card to book tickets online on a date that suits the recipient. Places are subject to availability – usually no more than 15 people per event unless there is more than 1 instructor – so please ask the recipient to book well in advance. All vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and cannot be extended. The purchaser of the voucher should supply us with the email address of the recipient so that they can be notified when new dates are published.

Limit of liability
Due to the outdoor nature of our locations, our events are not always absolutely free from hazard. We make every effort to minimise all risks to our clients and will instruct them in the safe negotiation of any that remain. Consequently Monica Wilde Forager does not accept liability for any physical injury to a client, damages to property, or any losses, consequential or otherwise, unless they are shown to be due to negligence on our part.

Professional diligence
Monica Wilde Forager is insured as an outdoor trainer holding Public Liability Insurance and instructors are qualified Outdoor Emergency First Aiders. A Risk Assessment is undertaken for each location that an event is run at. We hold membership of:
The Association of Foragers https://foragers-association.org/
The British Mycological Society https://www.britmycolsoc.org.uk/