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Variety, the superspice of life

Variety, we are told in the popular expression, is the spice of life. However, we are missing something today and I’d like to rewrite that old saying. I would argue… Read More

January: Fasting on wild calories

Dandelion Roots

“New Year, New You” the advertisers tell us. It’s time to do a detox. The magazines are full of it from both those who believe we should do it and… Read More

Salad Dressing – The Secret to a High Veg Diet

To be healthy, slim and feel full of energy and vitality you need to really review¬†the type of fuel (food) that you’re running on. It’s common sense. Garbage in, garbage… Read More

Eat your greens. They really are good for you!

There’s a lot more to eating greens than making sure you have enough dietary fibre and vitamin A. I think the majority of people think of their daily vegetables as… Read More

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

Elder flowers make a delicate pleasant tasting infusion, whether drunk as a tea, used to flavour sorbets, or boiled lightly with caster sugar to make a diluting cordial. Diluted with… Read More