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How to make Diodgriafel 

…or how to make wine with wild yeast In Wales, recorded in 1802, poor people would “make a drink called Diodgriafel by infusing [rowan] berries in water”. In 1798, John Evans writes that… Read More

Sea Buck’s Fizz Recipe

Sea buckthorn berries

A classic twist on a Buck’s Fizz – that traditional mix of orange juice and champagne – the Sea Buck’s Fizz is a lovely sweet/sour, sherbet, fizzy drink guaranteed to get… Read More

Traditional Elderflower Cordial

Ingredients For each litre of water allow 10 large elderflower heads, 1 lemon (grated zest and juice) and 1 tsp citric acid (optional) and 1/2 kilo white sugar.  Directions Boil… Read More

Spiced Chaga & Elderberry Tea

A fabulous brew for foraging in the rain when you don’t want to end up with a cold!  I’ve used elderberries (Sambucus nigra) against colds and flu for years. It’s… Read More

Kefir Tequila Lemonade Cocktail

This is a really refreshing twist on a classic marguerita cocktail using kefir made by fermenting water kefir grains in sugar, sultanas, lemon and ginger for 5 days. Print Yum Kefir… Read More

Wild Manhattan

Here’s a Wild Manhattan recipe that uses a guelder rose syrup liqueur I made from the berries of Viburnum opulus. Delicious twist on a classic dry Manhattan. Ingredients 2 1/2… Read More

Rose petal vodka

Roses are in full bloom at the moment and are an essential ingredient in wild cocktails. Wild rose vodka infusion can be added to crushed raspberries to make forager John… Read More

Sweet Woodruff May Wine

How to make German May Wine using Sweet Woodruff In Germany, the first of May was traditionally celebrated with this delightful sparkling Maiwein drink, infused with sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) a… Read More

Ortilette – French Nettle Beer

Ortilette – Nettle Beer à la française This is a light refreshing fermented drink with a very low alcohol content, that nevertheless packs some fizz! Made in a similar way to… Read More

Edible Gorse Flower Syrups, Cordials & Cocktails

Print Yum Gorse Flower Syrup Ingredients500g gorse flowers 500g sugar 1 litre water 2 limes 1 orangeDirectionsPick your gorse flowers in the morning on a warm, sunny day before it… Read More

Rowan Berry Wine

Ingredients 2.25 kg rowan berries 1.2 kg finely granulated sugar 1 large lemon (zest and juice only) (or 2.5 tsp acid blend) 1/2 tbsp pectic enzyme
1 tsp yeast nutrient 1… Read More

Coltsfoot Wine

Spring is very late this year but one thing I have in abundance are hardy coltsfoot flowers. They are a favourite of mine as, in past times, they were painted… Read More

Hawthorn Berries: Gin, brandy or tincture?

October/November, after the first frost, is also the time to pick hawthorn berries. Hawthorn is relatively unused as a hedgerow berry being mainly used for hawthorn gin or hawthorn brandy. It… Read More

Beech Leaf Noyau and Beech Nut Nocino

Noyaux is French for ‘nut liqueur’ which makes me wonder if the beech nuts (beechmast) were ever used to make a liqueur, as well as the leaves? Here is a… Read More

Foragers Dió Pálinka aka Green Walnut Grappa

Green Walnut Grappa Adapted from a Dió Pálinka (Walnut Brandy) recipe that I tried in a Hungarian cellar at Somló – amongst many others!! Pálinka is traditionally a fruit brandy but… Read More

Ash Cider recipe (Frenette) using green leaves

Ash Cider (aka Frenette) using ash leaves without manna ash Frenette is a mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented ash leaves. Read more about it’s history and the type of… Read More

Frenette Recipe: Using ash leaves with manna ash

Frenette from ash leaves with manna ash Frenette is a mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented ash leaves. Read more about it’s history and the type of ash and leaves… Read More

Ash Cider ~ Frenette

Ash Cider ~ aka Manna Ash Leaf Frenette Frenette is a mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented ash leaves. It is an ancient drink, possibly made in Gaul around the… Read More