Frenette Recipe: Using ash leaves with manna ash

Frenette from ash leaves with manna ash

Frenette is a mildly alcoholic drink made from fermented ash leaves. Read more about it’s history and the type of ash and leaves to use by clicking here.

To make 20 litres. Alcohol content will be from 1% – 6%, but on average 3%.
25 litre brewing bucket, oak barrel, glass or earthenware demijohn.

200 manna ash leaves with bitter stalks removed
20 litres of rainwater or soft, de-chlorinated water

Put the leaves into your brew bucket. Gently heat the water to 40°C and pour over the leaves. Tie a muslin cloth over the end of the bucket to keep the leaves clean but on no account seal it with a plastic lid.

Infuse the leaves in the bucket at a room temperature of 22°C to 24°C or use a brewing heat mat to keep the temperature constant.

After 24 hours remove the cloth, stir up the leaves, and then replace the cloth.

Wait a further 48 hours, then stir again ensuring that all the manna has dissolved.

Leave it to ferment for another 6 days with a least 3 of those days at a temperature of 22°C to 24°C. If the room is cool after you may need to allow up to 10 days to fully ferment.

After fermentation, when it has stopped bubbling, filter the frenette off into sturdy, sterilized bottles (old fashioned ginger pop bottles are ideal) and seal or cork them. Lay them on their side and allow them to mature for at least 10 days more before drinking.

Serve chilled!

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