Sea Buck’s Fizz Recipe

A classic twist on a Buck’s Fizz – that traditional mix of orange juice and champagne – the Sea Buck’s Fizz is a lovely sweet/sour, sherbet, fizzy drink guaranteed to get your guests relaxing. I first made it with my friend John Wright, who wrote the River Cottage handbook ‘Booze’, when we served it up at a seashore forage and feast event that we did four years ago. It’s been on the menu ever since!


Sea buckthorn juice
Castor sugar
Frozen sea buckthorn berries


Make a strong simple syrup by adding two parts of sugar to one part of warm water and mixing until the sugar dissolves. Then cool it.

For the Buck’s Fizz, mix equal parts of the sea buckthorn juice with the simple syrup. For each serving that is 25ml juice and 25ml syrup  So for 10 people you will need 250ml juice and 250ml syrup.

Put 4-6 frozen sea buckthorn berries into a champagne flute (if you still have any in the freezer from the winter harvest!).

Add 50ml of the buckthorn syrup (2 cocktail measures) to the glass as well.

When ready to serve, fill up the glass with chilled Prosecco.

Stir very quickly with a swizzle stick and serve immediately.


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