Interviews and Articles

9 January 2016: Recording ~ Monica talks to Shereen Nanjiani on BBC Radio Scotland.

4 January 2016: Russell Leadbetter from The Herald talks to Monica about her passion for all things wild.

4 January 2016: Evening Times I’d happily never visit a supermarket again!

June 2014: Campfire Magazine, a ‘First Foraging Guide’.

May 2014: Village Green Magazine on some seasonal plants to forage this summer.

May 2014: Flavour First interviews Monica to see what started her foraging and how best to get foraging yourself.

May 2014: Catriona Thomson from The Scotsman  discovers that her children’s imagination can be held for a very long time, simply by rooting around under the soil in search of an elusive tuber!

April 2014: Western Daily Press finds out that you don’t need to leave your caravan site to forage for a meal and also spoke to Tom Walsh of the Caravan Times.

Sept 2013: Monica speaking about the Seaweed for Health event at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

What People have said about Past Walks and Events

Karen Simmons, writing for Friends of the Earth blog, said “I love leafy greens, so when the chance came to do a “Walk in the woods” foraging event run by Monica Wilde of Napiers, in collaboration with The Caravan Club, I was all over it like poison ivy on a stray hiker.” Read more about the day on her blog.

Blogger, Little Outdoor Kylie says “Leading our foraging walk was Monica Wilde from Napiers, a lady with such a wealth of knowledge I could have filled twenty notebooks before we’d even left the caravan site!” Read more on her blog “I never knew dandelions could taste this good…”

Sarah of The Prosecco Diaries blog said “After tea and coffee we set out with our guide, the amazing and appropriately named Monica Wilde, who has been foraging pretty much all her life and works as a researcher for Napiers. Her extensive plant knowledge was astounding! We hadn’t even left the car park of the Caravan Club and we had already been offered nettles and chickweed.” Read more on her blog.

Lipstick, Lettuce and Lycra blogger sent Mr Chick to see what all the foraging fuss was about while Lucy from Sometimes Gardening, an RHS Gardening Blogs finalist, wondered if foraging would help her and the children survive a Doomsday apocalypse scenario!

Urvashi Roe of Fuss Free Flavours came to find out what foraging was all about and Heather of Muddy Matches rural online dating site and Tom Jones at Tired of London, Tired of Life also enjoyed the Abbey Woods event.

Back in Scotland, members of Edinburgh’s Nepalese community talk about their experience of foraging with Monica Wilde and the Forestry Commission for Scotland.
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It was definitely an enjoyable experience for my child and me. I enjoyed learning new things such as picking nettles, dandelions and other leaves to make delicious healthy juice.” BS

I had a great time. I identified trees, plants and birds for the first time today. My best memory was climbing the big tree.“ S, Age 10

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