Foraged and garden micro salad

This time of year brings a Spring cacophony of fantastic flavours to your salad bowl. Micro greens from the polytunnel providing a neutral base of coloured lettuces to showcase the pungent, tangy, hot, wasabi, tingling, sweet, bitter or just indescribable tastes of the foraged wild micro greens.  

Wild and garden micro salad

Red lollo lettuce, wild rocket, sheep’s sorrel, cuckoo flower, primrose, kale flower, ground elder, wild garlic, few flowered leek seed, dill and scurvy grass. 

Gathering the tame and the wild

Baby pak choi, cleavers, hogweed shoots (for frying), broccoli leaf, kale flowers, radish, lamb’s lettuce and bittercress. 

Gathering the tame and the wild  Wild garlic leaf and buds, curly kale, wild rocket, sheep’s sorrel and scurvy grass flowers. 

Gathering the tame and the wild Sweet cicely (for dessert), wild garlic leaf and bud, curly kale leaf and flower, lady’s smock. 

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