Hawthorn Berry Gin ready for Christmas

Around October I wrote about making Hawthorn Berry Gin. Well, I’m pleased to say it is DELICIOUS. And I can keep a clear conscience by knowing it’s also good for my heart and circulatory system! It came out a lovely honeyed amber colour, having removed all the colour from the red berries. I’ll be making bucket loads of it next year. Just wish I’d made more this time!

The recipe is posted here.


  1. Hi Monica, thanks for your really interesting Hawthorn gin post! I’m making some this year as I’ve wanted to try a different use of the the haws other than haw syrup. In the process of inverting my haw-gin mixture I’ve noticed the amber gin has become slightly more viscous. Is this normal? Is there anything in the haws that would thicken the liquid or might I have contaminated it with some form of bacteria/ yeast? (I used 37.5% gin – which I would have assumed to kill off any pests).

    Thanks in advance, Niki

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