New Year Resolutions for a Green Planet

Out with the old. In with the new. Here are ten little everyday resolutions to save the planet. Just imagine the effect if we ALL did them!!! If every single one of us acts together the power of billions will change the world.

  1. STOP CHEMICAL ASSAULT. If everyone buys organic food only we can still save the bees, insects and birds. This is paying farmers for the countryside and wildlife that you want as well as avoiding toxins yourself.
  2. STOP MICRO-PLASTICS. If your weekly shop still contains non-recyclable plastic, unwrap it and leave the packaging at the till. Or put it all in an envelope and send it back marked FREEPOST to the supermarket you bought it from with a note asking them to stop doing it. Imagine how quickly the supermarkets would change the supply chain if we all did this!
  3. REFILL YOUR PEN Save millions of biros going to landfill with a simple refillable ink pen. Think about alternatives for everything that you throw away from razors to earbuds.
  4. CHANGE SUPPLIERS If your electricity company doesn’t buy 100% renewable energy, switch to one like People’s Energy that does. If your bank invests in fossil fuels, switch to one like Triodos that doesn’t. Vote for the world that you want with your wallet.
  5. WRITE LETTERS to your council asking them to stop cutting wildflower verges and savaging hedges. To your MP telling them what sort of world you want to live in. Hold them to account with your pen and your keyboard.
  6. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN the stories of the plants, fungi and creatures before they encounter the digital world. They will fall in love.
  7. HAVE NOTHING IN YOUR HOME that is not both beautiful and useful (Wm Morris). And think about its end of life before you buy! Go for quality, natural materials and things that will last.
  8. GO FOR A WALK and discover the whole world on your doorstep waiting for you.
  9. BE KIND for we all need a little kindness
  10. HAVE PASSION because only fierce love will save the world!

What do you think?

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