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Coltsfoot Honey

Coltfoot is a one of my favourite herbs for several reasons:
• It used to be the shop sign of the herbalist in medieval times, like striped poles were to barbers and golden balls were to pawnbrokers.

• It is one of the first flowers to appear in Spring bringing cheery yellow to a still wintry landscape.

• It is fantastic for sore throats (see my post In Praise of Coltfoot) containing many useful phytochemicals.

For medicinal purposes with a cough or a sore throat you can make a tea from the leaves, but you can also make coltsfoot flower honey – soothing, tasty and popular with children!

Very simply: Snip the flowers with stem attached with scissors on a sunny morning.


Fill a clean (sterilised) jam jar to the top with flowers and stems.

Cover with good quality runny honey.

Seal and put in a warm place or sunny sill for up to six weeks.

Strain out the flowers (easiest if you warm it to thin the honey first by placing the jar in warm water). Repot in a sterile jar and keep in a cool cupboard until needed.