Scotland Tide Tables for Coastal Foraging

When you’re foraging at the seaside it’s handy, essential even, to know when low tide is! Here is a useful website link to all the tide tables in Scotland and the rest of the UK. For the best day out ideally you want a low tide around lunch time unless you’re a real early bird. Usually you need to remember to add an hour for British Summer Time (BST) as all the tide tables are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but Tides4Fishing always displays in local time.

The tide can come in very rapidly so always be aware of it. When foraging for seaweeds, it is best to follow the tide out. That way you will have plenty of time. Use your common sense too. Seaweed covered rocks are slippery and people can fall, bang their heads and knock themselves out. Go out with a friend and a fully charged mobile phone.

Seacliff Estate

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