Wild Dog Rose Petal Syrup

Wild Dog Rose Petal Syrup

1 kg Dog Rose petals
500g sugar
1 litre water

Heat the water and pour over the rose petals. Leave overnight to infuse.

In the morning, add the sugar and bring to the boil, keep it on the boil for 7 minutes, then switch the hob off. Strain the syrup through a muslin bag. This may take a few hours to drain. Hang it up and have a cup of tea!

Once all the syrup has stopped flowing, put the syrup back in the saucepan, discarding the flowers.

Return to the boil, and boil rapidly for a further 3 minutes. 

Pour through a stainless steel funnel (it’s hot!) into a sterilised, dry bottle and cap immediately.

Edible Flower Variations

This recipe will work with any edible flower petals where the aroma is very faint and where the petals have a low volatile oil content. For example, any roses, mallow, hibiscus, violets.

For those with a higher volatile oil content follow the method for Lavender Flower Syrup.

For those with a distinctive aroma, but low in volatiles, follow the method for Gorse Flower Syrup.

There is also more discussion about the levels of sugar to use in your syrup on the Gorse Flower Syrup page.


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