Forage for edible wild foods in the abundant natural habitat around you. Join me on a course to increase your knowledge of local plants, experiment with wild food and medicines. Dates for foraging courses are available on this page here. Please check back regularly for more dates as extra courses are added at different times of the year.








  1. peter baird

    Totally loved the fabulous fungi walk . Brilliant day spent in fields looking ,identifying and picking so many species .
    Cant wait for the next one .

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  3. Janie thomson.

    Monica. Can u let me know if any places become available for the west Lothian walks? Seems I am too late!!

  4. Buchanan Smith

    What a superb day I had yesterday foraging for mushrooms with Monica and 14 other hardy souls. Thanks to my missus for the gift – I know what I will be asking for Christmas this year.

    All the best , Monica

  5. peter baird

    Another great day foraging for edible plants on 3/5 .Monica is so knowledgeable on so many things,
    If your thinking of foraging then look no further, honestly its a fabulous day out in the country .

    Thanks Monica

  6. alisoncross

    nooooooooooo!!! The one at Loch Fyne would be perfect for me but I’m already booked for that date and can’t cancel! I’m just on Bute and it would have been ideal for me! 🙁

  7. Julie Sarab

    Any plans for a foraging/fungi course in Morayshire – Elgin area? Want to know more. I have a bumper crop of some kind of fungi on my lawn and I’d love to know what they are 🙂

    • I didn’t make to Morayshire this year but if you think there would be a group of people interested and you know a likely wood I could come up this year.

  8. Chris Blake

    I am gutted I have just found this information out. I will definitely be doing this next year if it is available.

  9. Hi, do you know what walks/days you’ll be offering in 2016? Would a gift voucher bought (for Christmas) be good for mushroom walks next autumn?

    • Hi Alison, Vouchers bought at Christmas are valid for the whole of 2016 so yes will cover fungi dates. Trying to get some dates up before Christmas Day. Best. Mo

    • I’m afraid the courses are not suitable for dogs. No matter how lovely they are, they get bored and distract other participants who may not be used to dogs.

  10. Hi,

    I was wdon’t seeing if you had any cancellations for the seaweed foraging course on the weekend of 3/4 February 2018? Thanks!

  11. Vik Bailie

    Great day coastal foraging and now enjoying the fruits of our labour with a seaweed spaghetti dinner! Thanks so much

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