Category: Wild Food Recipes

Sea Buckthorn Caramel Sauce

This can be made with any wild juice. I have tried this with guelder rose berries, wild blackberries and barberries. This is lovely dribbled over ice cream, seaweed pannacotta or… Read More

Sea Buckthorn Toffee

This recipe for sea buckthorn toffee can also be made using crab apple verjus. These cold or pressed, tart juices make a fabulous sweet and sour, tangy toffee. For tips… Read More

Rowan Berry Fudge

Ingredients 75 grams butter 700 grams granulated sugar 100 ml evaporated milk 100 ml rowan berries 200 ml water Directions The juice can be made in advance. If you want… Read More

How to make Dandelion Coffee

Dig up your dandelion roots in the Spring or Autumn. Cut off the leaves and any root hairs. Rinse the roots well in running water and use an old toothbrush… Read More

Wild food winter salads

It’s been so mild this November that there are still lots of wild salad plants around. This salad bowl is made up of chickweed, bittercress and wild brassica flowers with… Read More

Wild Mushroom Pâté with Hen of the Woods

In late September it seems as if there’s a hen of the woods around every oak tree. I’ve found 8 in the last 4 days. It has a lovely almost… Read More

How to Dry Mushrooms

Porcini powder is the most fabulous, deep, rich flavouring for stocks, soups, casseroles, in fact almost everything! Birch bolete powder comes a good second and most mushrooms produce an intense… Read More

Wild fungi in August

It’s been a good year for fungi already and the combination of a hot, dry summer with a few days soaking from the post-Hurricane Bertha rainfall, has resulted in a… Read More

Wild Raspberry Jam

This is a really easy recipe for wild raspberry jam. It takes just 12 minutes to cook and it tastes delicious. Also uses half the sugar of many other regular… Read More

Daisy Soup for Dinner Parties

This is a neat ‘magic’ trick to impress your friends at dinner parties. Well… It really is the sort if thing that only a forager would do! Ingredients Any soup… Read More

How to pickle Ash Keys

Make a pickling vinegar by heating – in a Bain Marie – all your favourite spices with one spoon of soft brown sugar and a pinch of salt per cup… Read More

Wild Labneh Roule Cream Cheese

Recipe for a delicious ‘cream cheese’ substitute This is a very simple way to make a cream cheese replacement for those lovely soft herby French cream cheeses called roule. It’s not… Read More

Nettle & Wild Garlic Soup

Print Yum Nettle & Wild Garlic Soup Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 30 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutes Serves 6-8 Nettle tips are delicious in the Spring and early summer although… Read More

Cleavers and Red Pepper Soup

Print Yum Cleavers & Capsicum Soup Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 30 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutes 6Serving Size: 320 ml Ingredients100 g bundle of cleavers tops Galium aparine 2 cloves… Read More

Wild Garlic Salad Dressing

This is a lovely dressing that goes well with a mixed leaf salad such as dandelion leaves, chickweed, sorrel and wild garlic leaf. 1 tablespoon finely chopped wild garlic stalks,… Read More

Japanese Knotweed Muffins

Yesterday I found two wild dessert foods. Wild growing rhubarb, a garden escapee, and Japanese knotweed (on the right of the basket. It was quite a coincidence as Japanese knotweed… Read More

Comfrey Leaf Fritters

How to make Comfrey Leaf Fritters Comfrey leaf fritters are delicious when cooked properly. I particularly like the sweet version as it especially suits the soft nature of comfrey. The… Read More

Hogweed Tempura

People often ask me what hogweed shoots taste like. It’s a hard question to answer as there is just no supermarket vegetable equivalent that I can think of. So hogweed… Read More

Homemade Bouillon Powders

Making your own bouillon could not be simpler. This process applies to any ingredient but I’ve started with wild mushrooms (in this case birch bolete) as they give an unrivalled… Read More

Mushroom Ketchup and Powder

A recipe for a mushroom liquor and powder from The Compleat Housewife: Eliza Smith, 1736. This recipe makes a mushroom ketchup (liquor) to use instead of Worcester sauce in cooking… Read More

Scarlet Elf Caps

Scarlet Elf Caps Sarcoscypha coccinea are an edible fungus in the order Pezizale, that Orange Peel Fungus belongs to. They are widespread in February and love fallen branches half-buried in… Read More

How to make Horseradish Sauce

Print Yum Fresh Horseradish Sauce Prep Time: 10 minutes 200 gServing Size: 2 g Ingredients100 g horseradish roots, freshly dug and washed. 100 g crème fraîche 2 teaspoons apple cider… Read More

Marinated Burdock Root

Ingredients 10 slim burdock roots 120 ml rice or white wine vinegar 120 ml miso or stock 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons medium soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon salt Nettle seed (traditionally sesame seed) Directions Peel… Read More

Fungi season in Scotland

It’s early November and the fungi season is coming to a close in Scotland. Well, not entirely! September and October are really the bumper months especially for chanterelles, porcini, boletes… Read More

Sea Buckthorn Marinade for Venison

Here is my recipe for sea buckthorn marinade. This is especially good in the late Autumn and Winter months. The spices make it smell like Christmas and, after the warm… Read More

How to pick Sea Buckthorn berries

There are so many sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides) at this time of the year. They are very high in vitamin C and have an antioxidant (ORAC) profile just below… Read More

Winter Chanterelle mushrooms

The last week of October. It’s dark by 6, there’s a chill in the air, and the trees are wearing their full autumn colours. The wild mushroom season is drawing… Read More

Porcini Parma Lasagne

This is a delicious dish that’s easy to make using most kinds of mushrooms, particularly porcini (ceps), oyster mushrooms, chicken of the woods, and any other firm textured fungi. I’ve… Read More

Porcini Mushroom and Walnut Soup

This is an absolutely delicious soup. Ceps Boletus edulis and walnuts make perfect partners. It is also very quick and easy to make. Ingredients 1 onion 500 grams fresh porcini… Read More

Giant porcini mushroom

One of my guests on Sunday’s Fabulous Fungi Walk spotted this huge penny bun. Also known as ceps or porcini Boletus edulis this monster mushroom weighed about 850 grams. Still… Read More