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Homemade Bouillon Powders

Making your own bouillon could not be simpler. This process applies to any ingredient but I’ve started with wild mushrooms (in this case birch bolete) as they give an unrivalled depth, richness and flavour especially wen combined with dried seaweeds. Pick your mushrooms (or other ingredients) in season, slice them and dry them. I use a dehydrator but you could also use a cool oven, or string them and hang in a cool, dry place. Keep them in brown paper bags until you need to use them.

Step 1: Put your dried, sliced mushrooms into a blender or grinder

Step 2: Switch it on for a few minutes

Step 3: Leave the lid on for a minute until the dust settles.

Step 4: Open the lid.

Step 5: Spoon into a jar, add lid and store until needed.

Step 6: Repeat with dried seaweeds, dried celery or parsley (wild versions include lovage, Angelica, ground elder), dried carrot, dried onion, garlic, etc.

Step 7: Blend and experiment until you find your perfect bouillon!

See my Wild Spice Chart for ideas of plants to add http://bit.ly/W1ldSp1ce