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    1. Hi there, do you wash the brine from the walnuts. I found them very salty. Thanks

      • Using table salt instead of sea salt can make a brine taste very salty. I don’t wash mine but you certainly could, you’d need to keep them in the fridge afterwards though.

    2. Hi Monica, Do you use boiled vinegar with the pickling spice or do you just pour it over the brined walnuts. Some recipes I have seen, say add brown sugar etc and boil. I’m confused. Please help asap. Many thanks. I was given your website by Bart-ingredients.

      • The main purpose of boiling the vinegar is to flavour it with the spices. So if it’s already spiced you don’t need to boil it. Some people add brown sugar because they like the taste of a sweet pickle. Once you have your vinegar tasting the way you like it you can pour it over your walnuts. This is traditionally done when the vinegar is hot as it helps to eliminate any bacteria.

    3. I wonder if I could pre-order a blue mask from the next batch of masks made please, or be notified when they are ready?

        • Trevor pugh

          I have two places on the fungi forage near Perth tomorrow (24th September) but don’t know the location. Can you please give me the details. I have asked via your website contact form, via email and via Facebook with no reply

    4. Hi, I want to contact you about a 5 person group as a Christmas present, do you have an email so I can send more details and understand costs?

    5. Karen Jane Brown

      Hi Monica! I’m a herbology student at RBGE and one of my classmates has informed me about the course this coming Saturday in the Trossachs. I’m trying to purchase what looks like the last available ticket but when I get to the cart there seem to be problems. Maybe I’m too late and it’s sold out but the page is showing 1 left… Any idea whats going on? Thanks, I’ll hope for the best!

    6. John Gilbert

      I want to buy a Foraging course for my wife for Christmas, but I simply want the token to be sent to me, rather than an email sent to my wife, yet the website asks me for the recipient(my wife)’s email. I am confused.

    7. Doreen Murray

      Hi. I wanted to check if you had dates for foraging courses for 2021. I’m thinking of getting my husband a voucher for Christmas. Thanks

    8. Hi Monica,

      Thanks for your article on comfrey. Do you know a good place to buy the leaf in the UK that is the preferred choice for making a herb docturin for oral problems? Thanks

    9. Glory Upadhyay


      This is Glory, from Netherlands, I want to heal my melasma with holistic approach, I found information on your page very genuine and truthful without any misleading. Would love to have your insight in treating my condition. Also let me know the mode of payment so we can proceed ahead asap with you program.

      Kind regards

    10. Steve Boyd

      Hi Monica

      Just came across your name when checking out what todays Out of Doors radio programme contents.

      Your website was surreal in how our ‘journey’ paths and thoughts crossed, though not directly.

      Even to the extent of Alerdale Estate, which I saw a clip on Countryfile last year.

      Cycling thro South America, I cycled passed one of Doug and Kris National Parks, for me South America was one huge MP.

      I’m interested in a small self build and maybe one day, I’d like to see your own self build?

      I read a book about a guy who did a self build in Ireland, if I decide to cycle around Ireland next year, I’m going to visit him.

      Looking forward to listening to you on this mornings Out of Doors radio programme.

      Steve Boyd

      (St. Andrews)

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