Pepper Dulse Seaweed Cheese

This is an absolutely delicious spread to have with thin crackers or melted onto a venison steak. Pepper dulse isn’t called the truffle of the sea for nothing and it makes this a very umami, truffley, rich cheese.

First you’ll need to pick some fresh pepper dulse (Osmundea pinnatifida). It doesn’t keep well so either use it on the same day, or refrigerate overnight and use the following day. You’ll find it on a low tide right at the edge of the subtidal zone. It doesn’t like to dry out so look in rock pools, shaded by boulders from the day’s sun to find the largest, most succulent bunches. Always cut with scissors and only take what you need.

A handful of pepper dulse
Two soft goat’s cheese logs
A little dried, powdered pepper dulse (optional)

Finely chop your pepper dulse with a knife. Put your cheese logs into a mixing bowl and soften with the back of a wooden spoon. Now blend your chopped pepper dulse (and powdered pepper dulse) into the cheese, creaming them all together until the dulse is evenly distributed. Spoon into ramekins and decorate by pressing a whole piece of pepper dulse onto the top. Refrigerate until needed. Flavour will improve overnight.

Chopping pepper dulse

Cream your goat cheese

Blend chopped pepper dulse with creamed goat cheese

Here are the finished cheeses.

Pepper Dulse Seaweed Cheese

Pepper Dulse Seaweed Cheese

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