The Recycled House Project

Hopefully, sometime in 2011, we might build our house at Gowanbank. The last miserable, recession years have taught me a few things. One is to try to get out of debt. This doesn’t mean credit cards, as I avoid those (and store cards) like the plague. But having seen all the profit on the renovation of Rumbling Bridge go the bank in interest charges, next time round we want to be mortgage-free. Now that’s a challenge as I also don’t want to wait until I’ve got one foot in the grave to retire! So the house at Gowanbank is going to be the cheapest house we can build. Details of what we are trying to do are on another page.

One thing I am going to try to do is use a lot of recycled materials. Having been brought up in East Africa by parents influenced by wartime rationing, I have always found it hard to throw things away anyway! So I have various collections of thing like wine corks that have been accumulating in a pot in kitchen that I have now decided to turn into a wall!

Here are things I am collecting at the moment. If you live near enough for me to collect and aren’t using them yourselves, please save them for me. And if you’re far away you might still enjoy the ideas! If you have any good ideas yourself, please add a comment at the bottom of the page.

Save all your water and coke bottles for my greenhouse

Click for an example
I need 2000-3000 at least please. If you cut off the bottom (around the line before it curves under), you can stack them to keep them out of the way.

Save your olive oil or other pretty cans
Click for an example
I’m making plant pots. Will swop for plants in the Spring!

Save all your wine corks
I want to line the downstairs toilet wall with them
Click for an example of small projects
Click for interior decorating
If you don’t want them, I’m happy to collect! I need a lot 🙂

In return would any one:
Like any Willow? I have a lot!
Make some hurdles for your garden?

I’m not collecting the following but they look fun!

Your local tip with have lots of these!
Click for an example

Street signs
Make great furniture
Click for an example

Beer bottle tops
Fantastic furniture and mosaic floors
Click for an example

Old bicycle parts
Click for an example

Click for an example
Click for a weather vane!

Postage stamps
From wallpaper to collage
Click here for an example


  1. Neil McLaren

    Hi Monica

    Hope you thriving in your new projects. We have an abundance of 250ml tubs with theaded caps that I need to find a recycling use for. If of interest let me know and I can send you a sample.

    Best regards


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