Crispy Dulse Seaweed Snack

I was given some dried dulse Palmaria palmata last night by Fi Houston, a fellow forager and a seaweed aficionado who sells wonderful sea spices at Below is the dried dulse I was given before I cooked it. It looks like a beautiful lacy purple scarf. Dulse is a seaweed that grows off the coast of Scotland here.


This is Crispy Dulse after I fried it. It was delicious, nutritious and so easy. I heated olive oil in a wok until hot then separated the fronds roughly and put them into the wok. They fried to crisp in literally 2 to 3 minutes. I then fished them out and ate it all up while hot.


I’ve always loved crispy seaweed from Chinese restaurants and they always seem to add a little sugar. So I sprinkled some with a little caster sugar. It still tasted nice but wasn’t necessary as it didn’t enhance the flavour in any way. It’s quite salty so definitely just a snack not a main dish done this way and would be fantastic with some dry toasted sunflower seeds sprinkled with soy sauce while still hot.

What do you think?

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