Meadowsweet Cordial

Meadowsweet flowers

If you like Elderflower Cordial you’ll love this! It has a sweet, honeyed flavour that is perfect diluted with fizzy water. “Children’s Champagne” I told a young man who tried it at the wild food demonstration we at SWHA did, at the Big Tent Festival on Sunday. It’s very easy to make.

Take a large sauce pan and bring two litres of water to the boil. Dissolve about 250 grams of sugar in it and the juice of two lemons (optional). Then add four large handfuls of meadowsweet flowers (about 50) to the pan, submerge in the boiling water for three minutes and remove from the heat to infuse. Overnight is ideal but even an hour or two makes a tasty cordial.

Then filter off the flowers and return to the boil with a further 250 grams of sugar. Boil for five minutes and then pour into sterilised bottles and seal while hot.

The leaves and stems of meadowsweet contain salicylates which gives them a medicinal ‘Savlon’ taste so its best to strip the flowers from the stems first. This is why I don’t boil it, just infuse it as you then get the taste of the flowers and not the stems that get left behind.

This could also be used as a sauce over vanilla ice cream or mixed into a sorbet.

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