The Future of Food and Technology

I was asked for my thoughts on the future of food and technology. It may have been a spam email but I answered it anyway:

“The future of food through technology will change it in ways we haven’t even yet thought about. Already scientists are trying to grow steaks and burgers from stem cells in the laboratory. Genetic modification is being used to breed vegetables that contain the DNA of animals as well as other plant species. As a committed wild food forager I find it hard to see the value in this. We once ate 7,000 species of plants yet 50% of the worlds daily calorie intake comes from just 3 species while increased red meat intake helps to sicken us. The problems of food supply to the poor are caused by global economics and politics and not a lack of current farming skills. Us humans are very inventive but never smart enough to foresee the mixed consequences of our inventions.”

Monica Wilde

What do you think?

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