Wild Spring Equinox Supper

Spring is in the air. Spring is coming. Yay! The weekend of 19 and 20 March brings the Spring Equinox, that half-way point where the lengths of the day and the night are of equal length. In the hedgerows there is new growth, tender young greens appearing and seaweed is at its most succulent. Celebrate the return of Spring, cast aside the Winter. Join me and Bumble (of Bumble Puddings) for a Wild Spring Equinox Supper on Saturday 19 March.


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S U P P E R   M E N U

Wild garlic nettle and bittercress soup

Venison haggis, sorrel champ, wild spring vegetables and a sea veg surprise
(Vegan option if you let me know early enough)

Bruichladdich buckthorn pudding with ground ivy ice cream
(Islay whiskey with seabuckthorn)

Wild herb cheese, garlic pesto and seaweed oatcakes



Venue: Achnabreck Farmhouse, Lochgilphead, West Argyll
Date: 19 March 2016. 18:30 for 19:00
Cost: £27.50 per person
Bring your own bottles of wine and alcohol

BOOK HERE for the dinner.

Accommodation may also be available including breakfast at the farmhouse if you’d like to avoid drink driving and explore beautiful west Argyll over the weekend. Click here to check Airbnb for availability.


    • That was my Slow & Boozy Typsy Sea Laird. A Typsy Laird is the name for a sherry trifle. I made this one with damson and slow gin spooned over a sponge base along with the boozy damson fruits. Then a layer of elderberry carragheen custard, then a layer of elderflower carragheen cream, topped with sliced hazel nuts and toasted nettle seed. It was all eaten!

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